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28 Июля 2009 27 July 2009 Anastasia Zueva. Training with "The New Breath" simulator. 100m backstroke. World record.

26 Июля 2009 Russians Who Train With Simulator "New Breath" Won Silver Medal At Swimming Relay At The World Swimming Championship

21 Июля 2009 Natalia Izshenko Has Won World Championship Gold in Rome in Tournament of Soloists on Synchronous Swimming in The Technical Program.

15 Июля 2009 11 July 2009. The Russian sportsmen who are training with simulator "New Breath" have won the World Student Games in the team event.

08 Июня 2009 The Russian swimmers who are training with simulator "New Breath" have won three gold, five silver and two bronze medals during the first day of the international swimming competition "Mare Nostrum" in Barcelona (Spain).

01 Июня 2009 Using "New Breathe" simulator, Dmitrij Poljanskij is leading in the Triathlon World Cup

28 Апреля 2009 25-30 April.2009. Russia.Moscow.Russia Open Swimming Championship.

28 Апреля 2009 27 April 2009. Yulia Efimova. Training with "New Breath" simulator. 100m breaststroke. Europe record.

28 Апреля 2009 28 April 2009. Anastasia Zueva. Training with "New Breath" simulator. 50m backstroke. World record.

06 Апреля 2009 4 - 5 April 2009. Moscow. Russia. IX National Mucoviscidosis Congress

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