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Breathing exercise equipment "New Breath" for runners and triathletes, "iron" men and "iron" women, paddlers, swimmers and cyclists! Time tested!

NEWS 07.07.2017! A little more words about "Russian snorkel - New breath" www.sporttec.ru by Maria Temnikova "Very very cool"!!!

NEWS 08.11.2016! The"New Breath" respiratory muscle exercisers on the move tests on the cardio trainers in the “Aqquafirst” fitness club.

The “New Breath” is a breathe training device  meant for training respiratory system of the sportsmen on the move in aerobic and anaerobic regimes.

  • The “New Breath” breathe training devices are used:
  • In cyclic kinds of sport - health and sports swimming, cycling, speed skating, short treck, triathlon, ski, biathlon, nordic combined, rowing
  • In speed-power kinds of sport - box, wrestling, wiehtlifting, treck and field throwing.
  • In playing kinds of sport - football, rugby, basketball.
  • In fitness and aerobics - cardiofitness.
  • In exercise therapy - cardiorespiratory training/
  • In nordic walking

Breathe training device for sports and recreative swimming


"New Breath" breathe training device for sports and recreative swimming consists of:
1. Frame and mouthpiece.
2. Load bus with work load regulator.
3. Snorkel.
4. Spray deflector.
5. Headrest.
6. Fastening belt.

Breathe training device for sports on the move



"New Breath" expiratory muscle breathe training device for sports on the move consists of:

1.Frame with mouthpiece.
2.Load bus with work loads regulator.
3.Inhalation valve.
4.Fixing device.
5.Fastening belt.


Questions and answers

Nordic walking with the breathe training device "New Breath"

Why do you need breathe training device for training on the move?

What is the operating principle of the “New  Breath” breathe training device?

Breathe training individual devices - operational comparison characteristics

What external respiratory characteristics does  “New Breath” breathe training devices influence on?

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