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"JAROSLAV KMET, Managing Director, CSC, Bratislava, Slovak Republic, Allergic Asthma caused by pollen, pets. Used Novoe Dyhanie device three month.

Running is sport which helps to manage such asthma in status of not using any inhalers, which used to be case in past.

No news except everything is getting better. Pulse frequency slightly diminish around 50 and HRV index is around 90 pretty stable. As for the allergic period Im in base training / trying to keep maximum Hearth beat rate during activity under 140. Personally Im feeling better, not using any corticoids sprays, breathing is much more easier compare to last year, seems asthma is stabilize and it is thx to Novoe Dyhanie device as well. Besides the 1 tablet of the antihistaminic Im not using any medicine.

"Michael Mamuta, professional mountain hiker New breath helps me in winter ascent of Elbrus very much. I recommend it for all hikers.

"Nataliay Matveeva. World-class athlete. Skiing. "New Breath devices help me to increase my special efficiency"

Yuriy Popov, Dr., PhD, world champion by  World Masters Athletics verssion, 75 y.o.
""New Breath" device help me to win in competition"
February 2010

Andreas Larsen, coach of national speed skating Swedish team.

New Breath is a great device which train your lungs and improve efficiency!

August 2009

Staffan Eklund, The head coach of Sweden national biathlon team.

We are using the simulators "New Breath" in our team and we are really satisfied!

August 2009

Cyril Pishchalnikov, front-court in a basketball team of the University of Virginia.

After trainings with the simulator "New Breath" I'm ready to play basketball several times more.

Roland Shuman, Olympic champion, seven times World champion

"I'm sure, my results will be much better with simulator "New breathe""

Ivan Homutov, professional ice-hockey club "CSKA", player.

"There are no problems with breathing during the game after training with New Breath simulator"

Igor Zakharkin, the coach professional ice-hockey club "CSKA" and the trainer of Russian ice-hockey team, Ph.D., professor.

"The "New Breath trainer improves fitness of hockey players and rises special endurance".

Konstantin Poltavetc, the coach of professional speed skating team TBM, Dutch.

""New Breath" simulator trains cardiorespiratory system of the sportsman in conditions of real competitive exercise"

Yulia Efimova, world-class athlete, sports swimming, Europe champion.

"Using "New Breath" simulator I have a good chance to train technical and functional efficiencies at the same time in competitive conditions".

Anna Efimenko, world-class athlete, paralympic swimming, twice world and Europe champion.

"Training with simulator "New Breath" increases force reserves that makes an impact on results of the competition"

Alexey Barannikov, World-class athlete, Nordic combined

"Running with "New Breath" simulator increases speed endurance that leads to better results" 


Sergey Verlin, the trainer of Russian national team trainer in rowing and canoeing, merited of sports, Olympic Games winner

""New Breath" simulator helps rowers to accelerate the adaptation to  " middle-mountain"".



Mikhail Didur, Doctor of Medicine, professor of Physical medicine and sports medicine department,      St Petersburg SMU by I.P.Pavlov

"Test results are the striking illustration of a wide potential of New Breath simulators in recreative and sports training, sports and clinical medicine and in programs of rehabilitation of patients with lungs disease".



Vladimir Ermakov, merited trainer of Russia in swimming.

 "Correct breathing is very important for swimmers. "New Breath" simulator accelerates the adaptation to load increase".



Evgeny Korotyshkin, merited of sports in swimming.

"As a rule when we are swimming we use "shallow breath". When I use "New Breath" simulator I feel that I am drawing in great lungsful and it is rather easier for me to do training exercises".


Alexey Shmidt, World-class athlete cycle racing.

""New Breath" simulator helps to "pull out" functional training reserves which cant be realized by application of common kinds of training equipment".

Gleb Groysman, merited trainer of Russia in cycle racing.

"The trainer considerably "refreshes" all functional systems of a sportsman in our monotonous kind of sport".


Mariya Kiseleva, merited of sports in synchronous swimming, threefold Olympic champion.

"After using the simulator I feel easiness of breathing that is especially important for doing exercises in water".

Alexander Popov, merited of sports in swimming, four times Olympic champion.

"Among all breathing simulators The "New Breath is the only one that can be used during practice exercises in water without breaking the swimming technique".

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