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Get ready for summer! Breathing exercise equipment "New Breath" for runners and triathletes, "iron" men and "iron" women, paddlers, swimmers and cyclists! Time tested!

NEWS 07.07.2017! A little more words about "Russian snorkel - New breath" www.sporttec.ru by Maria Temnikova "Very very cool"!!!

NEWS 08.11.2016! The"New Breath" respiratory muscle exercisers on the move tests on the cardio trainers in the Aqquafirst fitness club.

NEWS 26.04.2016! The new model of trainer for sports and recreative swimming "Russian snorkel - New Breath" is coming for sale.

NEWS 25.04.2016! Eugeny Rilov set a European record in Backstroke Swimming 200m.

NEWS 11.03.2016! "Sports Technologies" General Director made a report "Not-medications training of the respiratory system: self-contained breathing simulators"

NEWS! 03.10.2014 "New Breath" for runners and against asthma"

JAROSLAV KMET: I have restarted to use gadget again month ago. I have been experimenting witn various technologies but your seems the best so far.

Currently as a combination of training and your gadget Im able to run 10 km for 40-43 min. Half marathon should be close to 1:30, but I will write you in February when I will run Malta halfmaraton on time. Just to be clear Im 43 years old and running 2nd year.

As for capacity of lungs Im on 90 percent of normal capacity ( year ago it was 70 percent ). Im not using any sprays for asthma or pills for breathing.

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