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Home / English / Questions and answers / What is the working principle of The New Breath simulators?

 What is the working principle of The New Breath simulators?

Question: What is the working principle of The New Breath simulators?

               The operating principle of The New Breath simulators totally differs from Samozdravs, Frolovs respiratory device working principle.
               The New Breath simulators for training the expiratory muscles in motion belong to the class of mechanical trainers for different muscles training, because it uses low frequency mechanical vibration (12-24Hz).
                The use of exhaled air stream resistance, which changes with low frequency (12-30Hz)  helps to come to the following positive phenomena:

1. Development of strength and endurance of expiratory muscles as a result of load increase.
2. Retention of airways in open state for longer period of time in faze of exhalation in order to prevent bronchial collapse.
3. Deepening of inhalation and exhalation
4. Improvement of phlegm transportation in addition to increasing pulmonary ventilation.
5. Inclusion of respiratory tracts areas with insufficient ventilation into the breathing process.
6. Increase of the air stream at the end of exhaling phase (increase of lung capacity).

                The New Breath trainers level of effect on the functional systems of the users body (respiratory, heart-vascular, etc.) is caused by simultaneous use of physical and physiological factors:
-controllable mechanic resistance to inhaled air stream
-low frequency vibration of inhaled air stream
-intensity of performing physical exercises

                Variation and interaction of these factors strengthens the adaptive effect of a persons/sportsmans body functional systems reconstruction for the chosen kind of activity or kind of sport when were working with the simulator in comparison with Frolovs and Samozdrav respiratory exercisers.

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